Let me start by saying I am new to this. This blog idea popped up out of a conversation about reading habits that quickly turned into a rant about my miseducation, or lack of education about my own identity. I am South Indian, born to second generation immigrants in South Africa, and a first generation immigrant in England myself, having spent the majority of my years here. I have barely read any authors of colour.

The books are piling up on tables and shelves and it’s a goal to get to those ones on the list that have been waiting a few months (or years), so the hope is I will develop a more consistent reading habit. But really the most important thing about this is to make my list less whitewashed and have more balance.

There is a documentary by Max Joseph which I strongly recommend: BOOKSTORES: How to Read More Books in the Golden Age of Content. This documentary blew my mind. Dr Ruth J. Simmons says:

“I’m much less convinced than many others that there is a prescriptive list of books you must read. I’m more convinced that it is the reading widely that matters more than anything else… Stop. Reflect. If you don’t do that, you are a lesser human being for sure.”

I will remember this quote far into my next life; I certainly do not want to be a lesser human being. The doc has some very clever humans in it- even the world’s fastest reader- so do watch it; it will change your reading life! And possibly fill you with panic.

The emphasis on reading widely is a slight decompression of that panic however; the idea of not being chained to canons or the bucket list reads I see everywhere is sweet relief.

So what follows in future posts is a reading journal of sorts; partly personal reading experiences and partly everything else bookish. It may be the book posts have a feel of being partly a review and partly a discussion, I hope they make you want to read the books but also provide something to interact with afterwards.

I’m definitely open to having a chat about the books and if you have any reading or watching suggestions for me, feel free to reach out!

I hope you enjoy,

Kiara x

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